E. Walton (evwalton) wrote,
E. Walton

Unfinished poem.

Why don’t I help you off with that?
Are you comfortable?

Lie back.

You look nice tonight.
Your hair smells good.

I love your neck.

May I touch...oh...so soft.

Do you like....
Does it feel good when I do this?
How about this?
You’re breathing heavier.
Does it...oh yes...oh yes...no, wait...let me...may I do this?
Nice guys finish in the middle, and you haven’t finished yet. You first, then me.
Let me kiss your breasts.
Slide your leg over. Let me get my hand...yes.
I like cotton, especially when it’s damp.
You’re beginning to shake.

There’s something about kissing a belly.
It’s soft and responds well, but...
It’s the potential of the moment.
I’m between your thighs
Your fur rubbing against my chest
And I can smell you.
Do I continue down?
You’d like that, I know.
But I’m rampant and quivering and straining against my jeans.
Should I take them off and thrust myself in?
Or should I please you before being pleased?

It’s easier if I’m on my knees.
Let me pull that off.

I love how you smell.
I love how you look.
I know, I know...”Shut up and lick.”

I never understood the men who won’t do this.
My tongue inside you. The way you taste.
The way your legs clench against my ears
The way you thrust your groin against my face.
Your little gasps. Your moans.
Your hands clenched, balling up the bedsheet.

I like this better than fucking.
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